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Taking out scratches in acrylic

Many people don't know how to take out scratches in acrylic. So to make
It easy. I'll give u a heads up. Acrylic is very hard but easy to scratch. It has the same concept as clear coating on a car. So treat it the same

Get a car buffer- orbital buffer. Powerful. Not a little 5 junk
Get a wool pad. Cut the acrylic more. Gets hotter. Forget foam. U will glaze it and be there for days burning through pads.
Wet n dry sandpaper. Depending on scratch depends on were u start. For heavy scratches from like live rock hitting the tank. U can start with 600-800. Than work your way to 1200-1500. In 200 grit jumps. Go to a body shop supplier and get a hard sponge it's called. It holds the paper. Fold it in three's. Also soak all the paper in water a few hours before u use it. Don't be shy on burning through paper.Keep refilling paper in water bucket. Do not let and other foreign debree get on the paper u will scratch tank more. It's cheap any better to get fresh cuts than wearing out your arm. Sand until your heavy scratch is out. The buffer will take care of the rest. And actually the fine scratches left over after you buff dissappear after water is in tank. So use your judgment cause u might waste your time making it perfect. Go to bed bath and beyond. If in your area. Buy yourself some novus polish. Comes in 1-2-3. Hard cut med cut and polish. Go in stages and work yourself through them. So basically u treat this like u would if u were wetsanding a car.... Also u can use this style of buffing with many plastics. Including yellowed headlights. Plastic motorcycle windscreens and so on. Hope this helps for anyone that really dont know how to get rid of those scratches
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Wrote this on my iPhone so the parts that don't make sense fill in your own words. Lol. Stupid spell check does what it wants.
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I have done many sets of headlights and was wondering whether I can use the same technique in my used acrylic tank.

I was thinking of just going through the Novus stages just to clean up some mild scratches.

I would think wet-sanding would be for serious scratches only, yes?
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U can try a heavy cut novus and buff it if it don't come out just wet sand. No mAtter if u sand or buff the material don't change. Also it is not going to weaken the material either. The only time people get nervous wet sanding or buffing is when they gonna burn through the paint into another layer. But u don't have to worry about that. U have a solid one color piece if plastic. That's the good thing with wet sanding and buffing. It's always fixable.
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When I first did a tank. I buffed and buffed. Still scratches. I grabbed some paper sanded away then buffed. came Out like a fresh tank. To clean the tank when all set up use I think it's Number 3 spray polish and a microfiber cloth. Keeps tank real clean.
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