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How to determine if glass is tempered.

Hey y'all, I ran across this article the other day and figured I would share it here... I usually use the polarized glasses in the sun light, but here is a visual on how to check your glass for temper.
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That's Absurd!!!
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nice find
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awesome tony!im gonna check it out-Drew
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What happens if a tank is not made of tempered glass, its not suppose to have water in it i guess?
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I believe it more so means that you shouldn't drill it because it is more likely to crack?
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Originally Posted by BobbyRodriguez View Post
What happens if a tank is not made of tempered glass, its not suppose to have water in it i guess?
Tempering or annealing is a way to harden the glass.
Once the glass has been tempered or annealed, it should not be drilled.
Drilling should take place prior to having it tempered or annealed.

A lot of times you will find that only the bottom panes have been tempered. Typically, if you buy the tank new, it will have a sticker that notifies you not to drill, if it is already tempered.
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Slight correction.
Annealed glass is not hardened glass and most certainly can be drilled. Annealing is a process in which the glass is made workable for cutting, drilling etc. glass that has not been annealed would be very unstable to shock, temp changes etc.
However you are correct, tempered glass can not be drilled.
Just thought I'd let you know.
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Very helpful link, thank you!
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So this is why I paid 50 bucks for polarized sunglasses I could never figure it out. lol
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Great find!
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So, if I have a Tetra/Aqueon 40 breeder that I just purchased at the Petco $1 a gallon sale that has a "tempered glass" tag on the bottom, are the front, back and sides non-tempered then? I was looking on their site but couldn't find any info about it. I'd like to drill the back for a coast to coast style overflow. If anyone knows, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
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Perfeshunal Hikk
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Usually they aren't tempered, just the bottoms.
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That's kind of what I figured. I thought I'd just try to drill it and if it shatters, I can replace that plate of glass. I haven't set anything up with it yet big deal. Thank you.
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