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Little Fishy
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DIY 150 gal reef tank

Im a first time reefer and I have been gathering all my equipment over a couple months now. I am still uncertain on a couple things, it is my hope that someone here can help me with the technical questions I still have.

150 gal self built tank 60x30x20 lwh
55 gal rebuild for refugium
Airwaterice ro/di 75 gpd water filter
Pondmaster 2000 gph sump
Return - 1 1/4"x4' pvc at rear top of tank with holes drilled in it for water movement over whole tank
Aquaclear 50 power head for added movement
Berlin 250 gal triple pass skimmer
Aragocrete DIY rock aprox 150 lbs
2 Elite Submersible Preset Heaters 300W
2 6500K 250W Iwasaki MH DIY lights
Overflow - 2 - 1" bulkheads sump driven
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are you planning on supplementing with any actinic lighting. You also may want change the bulb to around 10000K or higher. But that is my personal preference I am using a 14000K bulb in my reef. Also you might want to add another circulation pump (power head) depending on the type of coral you plan on adding. Best of luck looking foward to seeing the build.
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I would love a 150 gal tank later on!
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150 gal tank equipment

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