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Little Fishy
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Your tank

What typ of tank(or tanks) do you have?

How big are they?

What do you have in them?

Are you going to add any thing new to your tank(or tanks)?
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Big Fishy
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Location: Carol Stream, IL.
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40 breeder - reef
2 bangaii cardinals
Centropyge venustus dwarf angel
B&W O and Perc clown pair
Randall's Shrimp Goby/pistol shrimp pair
Purple firefish
2 E. quadricolor anemones
3 clams


Flame angel
Coral beauty
Flasher wrasse
Golden algae blenny
S. haddoni anemone with porcelain crab
Tons of Xenia


Orange skunk clown pair.
Lawnmower blenny
Toby puffer (( Canthigaster papua ))
Potter's Dwarf angel
C. deborae -- new species of dwarf angel
Fairy wrasse
Yellow tang
LTA (( M. doreensis ))

At this point, the tanks are full up, and pretty much on auto-pilot. I have some plans to redo parts of the 75, but that will have to wait for a couple of months.
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Little Fishy
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I'm a noob 4 months, I'll break down my thought process

75 gallon
Diamond goby (1st fish, diatoms, sand cleaning)
Yellow tang (algea/sea weed)
Cleaner shrimp (for tang black ich/ other disease) I still say I saved Tangs life
Royal gramma (great looking, docile)
Bi color blenny (too much charater, Rock work with holes just perfect for him)
3 small blue green chomis (help other fish not be so timid, it really worked)

3 types if zoa's panama, green, orange
Purple and blue mushroom
Hitch hickers: open Brain (I think), many cucumbers, and etc.

Just more coral more cudcmembers
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110 gallon mixed reef

oc clown
blue hippo tang
sailfin tang
bristle tooth tomini tang
coral beauty
3x chromis
neon blue damsel
azure damsel
2x cleaner shrimp
40 blue hermits
15 halloween hermits
3 nassarius snails
purple tip sebae anemone
flamme scalop

2x white finger leather
toadstool leather
several colonies of metallic green star polyps
kenya tree
pulsing xenias
brown polys
purple, green, green + red mushrooms
green on orange, green on green, red on green zoanthids
2x green and light green flower pots
3x frogspawn
2x 2inch feather dusters

Always room for more zoanthids and that unexpected impulse buy got to have it coral, you guys know what I'm talking about. Saving my money to get a bigger tank and upgrading some equipement.
We are always going to be on the outside looking in
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