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White puff balls & slime...what is this stuff?

Can anyone out there tell me what these little white "cotton balls" could be? They are growing pretty quickly on my new live rock. There is also a slimy white substance on this same rock. Have any ideas?

I'm a newbie with 55 gallons of freshly salted water and really cool rocks!

Thanks for any help!


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Hi and welcome to TRT!
i moved yourthread to the general area for you.

the smaller white area look like "qtips" to me , can you get a closer shot of them?
now the second shot of the same area shows the star of white encrusted sponge. that is a major headacke.. that that piece out and scrub it off!!! leave the piece out of the tank and let it dry out. Air is one of the killer for sponge. Do not scrub it in the tank. any piece of sponge no matter how small will start a whole new area of growing... it took me over 6 months to get everythingout of my tank.. everytime i though i hadit gone , i ended up finding an area that i did not see before...

So what are your ideas for the tank?
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Welcome to TRT! Tim has some good advice, I'd also remove the rock and let it dry, killing the sponge. The first one is likely rather harmless, but the second picture may be troublesome down the road.
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Holy Cow... I will pull that rock out as soon as I get home today, scrub it down and let it dry.

The cotton balls do look like Qtips. They have little "feelers" sticking out of them now and the are getting larger each day. I'll be able to get a better picture once they grow a little more.

Thank you so much for all of this great information!!!!

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Look like sponges!
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what is this

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