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Where can I get formalin? 4 Brooklynella

What is formalin and where can I get it? I don't have any LFS that carry saltwater supplies. Does wal-mart, etc... carry it? My maroon clown has a couple spots on his side, they look like little bits of cotton, brooklynella? I have a 75g tank with a powder blue tang, lawnmower blenny, mandarin, 1 green chromis, yellow tail blue damsel, condy anenome, and a few snails and crabs, no corals just rock for now. My heater went out a few days ago and the temp dropped to 64 degrees before I got a replacement in there. Do you think this might have stressed him out too much? No new additions to the tank for 7 months. Tank parameters are fine. Is formalin the best way to treat this? Will this affect my other fish? Any help would bea appreciated. I've had him for 7 months, and the tank for over a year and this is the first issue I've had.
Thanks in advance
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