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It's worth it
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I had typed a long list of money spent and then accidentally deleted it. So, I will just say that I have spent way more than my husband knows about and he estimates it at $4,500 since I started in 2011.

Bought a few 90s the last of which was picked up today by my new best friend Bill. Bill is awesome because when he comes to look at a tank he will help unload a 150 from the trailer and when he comes to pick up his 90 he helps to get the 150 into the house and onto the stand.

Currently I have a 150 with about 6 inches of water in it. But I have a bunch of 5 gallons buckets and a 40B full of livestock at least 110 gallons of saltwater in Brutes. The week just started though :wink:
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I'm probably close to $10k in the current set-up if you include livestock. It's easy to really rack up the investment when you start putting high-dollar SPS colonies in your tank but if you successfully maintain your tank, you can get your investment back and then some from selling frags.
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10k!?!? woah! must be an awesome build. i see in your signature that you have a 90g and 150g. its always been my dream to get a 90g when im retired :P
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Wow!! I see some people go all out in expenses. I got my tank in a deal off craigslist. Got the pumps, skimmer and overflow on sale from the docs. Also got my live sand for $1.00 a lb from the docs. I started with dry rock and seeded it which cut a huge cost off the setup. All in all with fish and salt mixes I estimate about $1400.00 for my 75 gallon with everything, including the sump, plumbing and light. The near future will probably be much more costly as I'm getting ready to start purchasing corals. Feeling pretty good after seeing some peoples posts. Also need to keep in mind I custom built the stand and canopy. See my 75 gallon thread on my sig.

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I rehabilitated my girlfriends tank when she moved in. 36g bow front with a 20g sump. Since about May of this year I have spent around $3500-$4000... I basically replaced everything, bought nice test kits, RO/DI system, salt mixes, refractometer, etc...

Equipment was bought for a 75g tank so we can just move to a bigger tank with the only additional cost being more live rock and livestock.
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Since i started in April of 2013 with my 90g mixed reef, i am over $3k in total expenses, including, hardware, filtration, live stock, live rock, basic upkeep, ro/di unit, brute cans, salt, lighting, bulbs, etc. Lately, i can't go to the LFS without coming home with at least one coral! My wife is getting upset at how much money i'm spending, so i have been sneaking the coral into the tank when she is away or upstairs. I look for "opportunities", when she is out at the grocery store, or away for a few hours to add to the tank!
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I've been using the Aquarimate App for my tank lately and love it. I was hesitant to even get into the expense part (for obvious reasons lol). But I recently put all the info in and have every penny accounted for from the beginning. Here's the breakdown for a 57 gal mixed reef, started 12/1/12. (I too scored a great deal on an Oceanic Rimless off Craigslist....package with tank, sump, stand, PHs, PS, and lots of other random stuff for 350)

Fish - 315
Coral - 365
Inverts - 67
Equip - 960
Chemicals - 32
Maintenance - 559
Misc - 144
Total - $2,442.00
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Just current assests only, not counting disposables (ie salt, additives, media, utilities).

Around 10,000. Including alive corals and fish only. I'll never add up my deceased total.

No regrets. Here goes....

120gal Regular "Brace-less" display. $500
90gal breeder Custom frag tank. $500
80gal glass sump w/ DIY baffles. $200
Vertex Alpha 200 Skimmer- $900
Quietone 5000 pump $180
3x Quietone 3000 pumps 110x3=330
Quiet one 1200 $45
Assorted plumbing = $500 (Closed loop, lots of locline, eductors, two returns and two drains w/ valves and unions)
3x sheets of Egg crate = $75
2x MP40wES = 750 (both second hand)
2x MP10wES= 500
Koralia 1050 - $40
Kroalis 1400 - $50
Brute Trashcans (2x20g, 30g, 45g) = 70
2x 200W Fluval E-Series heaters= 55x2= 105
300W Jager $35
Ligeguard Heater Module, double; 50
2x 200W Jager $60
Seio Pro 550 Powerhead= 25
Ranco 2 stage controller $120
Fan $30
RO System (6 stage, 105gpd)= $300
Bringing utilities to garage= $1000
UF-20 reactor w/ biopellet screens 150
Mini-fridge= Free (the only thing)
Various Outdoor Extension Cords = $200 (cheap ones are not worth the risk ppl)
2x Eliminator Lighting Swichpanels = $40
2x DIY Wood tank stands = 250 x2 = $500
240W DIY LED Light = $650
120W DIY LED Light = $300
Bubble Magus Doser = $300
SeaSide Dosing Containers (1x 1.5L 2x5L)= $150
ATO= $50
Apogee PAR Meter: 130
Eheim auto-feeder= 50
6000W Backup Generator= 650

Fish = ~500
Inverts (100 corals/inverts avg 35$ each) = $3500

Total: 13.5k. Before taxes. Its a good thing I made my wallet out of flame retardant material.

I'll stop there as thats whats in use. There is so much more stored equipment. I have a spare 55g tank stand, canopy, 4xT5HO reflector- bulbs- ballasts. 8.5g acrylic refugium tank, 10g acrylic sump. Books, 3 years of CORAL Magazine, Test Kits, Salt, 2 Part + Magnesium. Electricity costs, magnet scrapers, food, a 5kg bucket of rowaphos, filter socks, small totes, Extra dry rock, amino acids and other addatives, etc....
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Honestly, I have know idea what my tank cost so far. I would rather not know I got my tank on Craigslist though so it cost less than starting from scratch.
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Tank: 150.00
Additional lights: 35.00
Timer: 19.00
GFCI outlet: 19.00
Rock,Sand: 35.00
Epoxy: 26.00
New Pump: 25.00
Heater: 16.00
Small gravel Siphon: 13.00
Turkey Baster: 7.00
12" Tweezers: 11.00
Clean Up Crew: 12.00
First Livestock Order (Ricordea and 2 Maxi Minis): $98.00
Duncan and more ricordea: 110.00
Final Livestock Order (sympodium, cespitularia, 3 acans): $149.00

$730 + premixed H2O (5 gallon = 7.50 monthly expense)

Having my own bit of the reef on my office desk- PRICELESS!
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My first salt water was a 75 gallon with an eheim canister filter and an underground filter, probably 35 years ago...a few years later I bought a drilled 90 gallon and made the 75 gallon my trickle down filter...I cannot even imagine what I have spent...still love it, and unless somthing happens to the tank, it will keep be enthralled
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fo you math geeks out there:

i crunched some numbers and i found that the average cost of a tank was 35$ per gallon. however that does not take time into account so i found that the average cost to maintain your tank is $5.22 per month per gallon assuming that you spend 10$ per gallon to initially set it up neat statistic!
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My wife just informed me that since December of 2012, our tank has cost almost $4800. Good news is that most of that was from her...every time I take her to the LFS, she runs up the bill. Good for me, no grief! :P bad for me...gotta pay the bill. biggest expense was LR, LS, sump and goodies in it. after that, coral = cha-ching...
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