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Skunk Cleaner And Fire Shrimp Together?

Morning everyone!
Just a quickie-----Does anyone have any experiance keeping a skunk cleaner and a fire shrimp together. I havent read anything bad but I like to ask any advice thats out there before I buy...Thanks!----Anthony
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I've had these 2 together in a 135 for about 6 weeks and they are fine. They stay on opposite ends of the tank manning their respective cleaning stations.
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I have a pair of both. They get along well and are very active - fun to watch.

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I run with scissors
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Thanks for the input ladies. You both have large tanks that give them their own territory. I only have a 25G. tall Eclipse show tank. Do you think they will still have enough room?--------Thanks again-----Anthony
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not intending to hijack the thread here.. but on a side note for those that have fireshrimp to they believe they clean just as well as skunks? I prefer the look of the fire shrimp but don't want to lose out on the benefits of a skunk...
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I had 1 pair of each fire and skunk... The fire tended to stay to their prespictive station only to venture out when food is present but the skunks once in a while will try to push them around... only when food is present again.. but they boded pretty well together..
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fire shrimp

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