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Little Fishy
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Sea Life Power Compact Smart Lamp (lighting question)

I'm thinking of buying this from somebody. I would just like to know if anyone has any experience with this or would be able to tell me if it's a good choice. I've got a 45 g. bow-front tank that currently has no coral but I would like to start.
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what are the specs on the lights? Personally if I had a bowfront I would get a couple MH
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beach bum
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I have one on my 50gal, its a 2x65 watt - 48" hood, it is very simple and cheap. But it does not seem to light the tank very well front to back, so I also us 2x30 NO flourescent toward the back of the tank. Perhaps if you made your own hood this could be alleviated, but with the bowfront shape you would probably need *some* kind of extra lighting beyond the CSL.

My two cents,
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Little Fishy
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I have 2x32watt smart lights in my 37 gallon reef. They seem to be a great way to go for smaller tanks. 40 gallons is probably the biggest I would use them in. They make a convenient way to get 50/50 lighting in the tank but would require a lot of them for enough light in larger tanks. When you go for the larger tanks its easier to add day or actinic lighting on seperately.

I used to use the 2x32's in a 10 gallon. This gave me 64 wats of 50/50 lighting in a 10 gallon tank. thats 6.4 watts/gallon. I could have kept SPS!!!!
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actinic light , actinic lighting

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