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bucket brigade
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Reporting back on my use of NO-ICH by FishVet

I posted a week or so ago that I bought this product to try on my 75gal reef (with SPS, LPS and softies).

Used the product for 4 days and none of the corals were affected. Bad news is that I saw NO improvement with my fish (who all had varying degrees of mild ICH)

Even worse new is that I lost one of mated pairs of Percs this morning and my Desjardin Tang looks like it probably wont make it to Monday.

Bottom line.....
the NO-ICH PRODUCT had no side-effect on my corals yet seem to make my ICH problem WORSE shortly after discontinuing the product.

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Big Fishy
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Bummer - well thanks for letting us know!! Sorry about your loss...
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Thanks for the update.

I always had better luck with a QT tank and hypo-salinity anyway.
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I'm sorry it didnt work. I tried Ick Kick looks like the same type of bottle. Like you I found it not to harm my corals but in order to get it to work on the ick I had to use it twice as long as the directions suggested. 4 months ago I moved and my whole tank was lost and when I added new fish they all came down with ick. This time I treated with crushed garlic and with in 3 weeks it had all cleared up. I would soak the food in garlic for about 10 min and poor it right in garlic and all 2x a day.
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Big Fishy
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can you post a link to the product so I can see what it looks like.
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Was that a joke?
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spaceman spiff

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Thanks for the honest input. I would have been surprised if there was a different report, to be honest.
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Thanks for sharing your experience with us on yet another worthless product designed to separate marine hobbyists from their money. Sorry about your poor results and hope that the rest of your fish can somehow make a full recovery. Any loss always sucks.
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