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is that 19 kh a typo?
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Originally Posted by dirtycontour View Post
is that 19 kh a typo?
great eye didn't even notice that one...
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Quik Z06
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Nope. Thats what I get. Im going to bring a sample to my LFS when I get a chance to have them test it. My Nitrates test from the kit is bad (reads 150+) and I get 10 ppm on my other test kit. So Im not 100% sure on all of it and feel its better safe than sorry.

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My Pulsing xenia were absolutely perfect in my bare bottom pico. When I switched over to the 20 gallon long, the alkalinity was a bit high from the new sand bottom and my xenia withered away and died within a couple weeks. Everything else flourished in the new tank.
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xenias dying

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