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New coral/tank pics!

Hey all, just picked up a Fox coral and wanted to post some pics! (I've heard they can be hard to acclimate, and it looks good, so yay for me). One pic is of Day 1, the others are all current. Tank is 9 weeks and as follows:

12g Nano

1 Fox Coral
1 Pulsing Xenia (3 stalks, and MANY saplings!!)
Green zoas
Green zoas with orange centers
Electric green zoas with pink centers and blue inners

2 OC clowns
1 cleaner shrimp
1 scarlet reef hermit
6 algae hermits

Share your comments!!
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deuce24, that looks way cool. I love these nano tanks. There is that empty spot in the living room hmmmmmmm.

Keep up the great work. How are your clowns doing? What other fish are you going to add?
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Looking Good so far!.

In a 12 gallon nano i am not sure adding more fish would be a good idea...
man 12 gallons.. must be nice when it is time for a water change!
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yeah, no more plans for fish in the tank. The 2 OCs keep levels just right for my likings. Water changes are soooo nice. I buy 5g of pre-mixed from my LFS, and 1g RO/DI jugs from Vons for top offs. When it comes time to change I have a 1/2" tube, in it goes, out comes a gallon of water, in goes a new gallon of SW, bam done. My next goal is an 80g, that'll be a change!

The clowns seem to be doing fine, I've been removing them and doing a 20 minute "bath" in some medicine for the ich, and it seems to be helping somewhat with their black spots too, maybe...? They're still acting healthy, eating, swimming fast, acting smart when I try to catch them! :P
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I love those Zoas! :-)
Instead of just building a reef in my home...I so wish I could afford to build my home in the reef!
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very nice
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Great looking stuff!
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Thanks, I'm a proud father.
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green zoas , pulsing xenia , scarlet reef , scarlet reef hermit

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