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nano cube vs biocube

I have a cheap 5 gallon hexagon eclipse aquarium that i've made into a saltwater tank (BIG MISTAKE!). I'm looking into other aquariums that have a lighting system and filtration system that a saltwater tank needs. It looks like I'm torn between the 6 gallon nano cube and the 8 gallon biocube. I'm looking for the best one that will need the least water changes/maintenance.
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Welcome to TRT!Is this your 1st SW tank?If so you should go with some thing like 55 or bigger(water quality stays in check better)The size of the tank doesn't change how often you do a WC (same percent should be done).
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i have to agree with george but i do realize that people do not have alot of time or money to keep a much bigger tank. but i do have a 14gal bio cube and i have had nothing but sucess. just keep your stocking levels low one fish a couple of corals hermits a snail even a pepper mint shrimp feed light every 3 days. weekly water changes and you should be fine
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The company that stands behind the Bio Cube stands behind its product I can’t say the same with the Nano cube.
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save your money (learned from experience!!!)
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I love my 14g BC. Just like the previous post stated. Don't overstock it and keep up with maintenance and you will be fine. It is keeping me busy until I get the 90g rolling.
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