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Mechanical filters and filter media

Hello all,

I'm new here and not quite adjusted to the posting format and search function, so forgive me if this question is asked frequently. I have been keeping mixed reef tanks for about 18 months and I am all about learning as much as I can from the pros.

My question is: what kind of filter media and mechanical filtration do you pros recommend in a sump. I recently set up a new 90 gallon with a 30 gallon sump. I have about 100 pounds of live rock in the display along with about an inch and a half of live sand bed, but I want to know what the best sump filtration method is. Should I just stuff some more live rock down there instead of the blue filter pads and black spongey pad and other media on trays?

Thank you all for your help.
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Welcome to TRT

Well.......... IMHO, you already have way more rock than you will ever need, and so much rock that it doesn't leave much room for critters. Personally, I'd probably remove about half that rock.

In the sump, you can use a filter sock. Remember, the whole reason for running this type of filtration is to REMOVE solid particulate matter BEFORE it decomposes and pollutes your water. So, what ever material you choose to use, it needs to be changed out often. In rapid moving, warm water, a tiny piece of fish poo can break down in hours, so media like this needs to be changed out every day or two.

For my system, I have multiple 100 micron socks that I try to change out every day. I have a container in my stand where I place the dirty socks. When I start running low on clean socks, I just dump the container of dirty socks in the washing machine with a little bleach, and I'm good to go until next time.

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the only "mechanical" filtration recommended for a reef tank is a good protein skimmer. well, filter socks also, but i dont even use those all the time. +1 to what ec said about trapped detritus rotting quickly. a protein skimmer actually removes the material from the water column so it is trapped and cannot leach back out. there was a question on here a while ago i thought i saw about wether a protein skimmer is actually mechanical filtration or not, but thats another

oh, and welcome! if you havent found it yet, id start reading throuth the reef keeping thread in my sig. looooong but well worth the read!
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