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Little Fishy
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lionfish and invertebrates.

I'm planning to get a lionfish. I know they pretty much eat any kind of fish that will fit in it's mouth. What I'm wondering is, beyond shrimp, is there any kind of invertebrates that they will eat? Snails, starfish, sea stars, anemones, cucumbers, etc.
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I don't believe that a lionfish will attack any of those invertibrates mentioned, besides shrimp, but I reckon that it all depends on the type of lionfish. I have had amazing luck with a dwarf lion and he is in with anemonies, snails, and hermits, and has shown absolutely no aggression what so ever towards them, also he has not attacked the three clownfish in the tank either, and two of those would be easy tucker for him, they both would fit in his mouth at the same time.
I would also recommend that you buy a small lion, so it can grow up with the other fish and get used to them, like I did. But lionfish are a beaut, and I hope you have great success with them.
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I would imagine that the better you keep them fed, the less prone they would be to eat tankmates - eating of small fish and shrimp is a risk that will always be present though.
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dwarf lion , sea star , sea stars

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