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Keeping mantis shrimp

Does anyone here keep mantis shrimp on purpose. I'm thinking of turning my 15g into a mantis tank, and wanted opinions on behavior, care, etc.. My LFS has one like this:

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I want a bad tank also, could keep crabs and other nasty's, some of them look really cool. You probally want it disconnected from yor main system. Who knows if these things can propogate, wouldn't want them getting a hold in the main tank. Anybody in my area have a mantis they don't want!
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So will a mantis go after snails, crabs such as emeralds? Shrimp types they would probably kill right?
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beach bum
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Reef central has a board dedicated to Mantis keeping, check it out. Also I'm certain FishDaddy has a link to info somewhere. Oh link master, where art thou?

My limited knowledge is that there are two kinds, a smasher and a spearer, and I think their prey items are slightly different. Their life spans are fairly short, just a couple/few years. That's all I know, sorry.

That image of your's is the most common found for sale, Odontodactylus scyllarus. I forget the common name. (peacock?)

Aquarium concepts in Hayward has them sometimes.

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We have a small 10 gal Mantis/ Damsel tank and it is interesting for a while. Our mantis has been quiet for the past few weeks but when he is out he does interact with us and go explore the tank. He has not been very effeciant at killing items but he is only 2" big. I would recomend one for their own tank. I have heard that you can buy them from FFexpress. HTH

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Here is the premier Mantis site:
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I was able to get a 6" Peacock for someone on hear, and at last report it was still doing fine. Interesting creatures but need their own tank
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I have a 2" manitis (dubbed 'Senior manits Bad Mother F'er')in his own little 4 gal "love hut" I built for him. It's just him and one large snail to keep the algea in check.
He came with my live rock, so he was FREE!!! unfortunately, he is not a peacock with all the colors, he is just green. Maybe he will grow into a peacock! yeah right, and my valonia will turn into a really nice bubble coral!

I feed him some raw shrimp once in a while. I am trying to get an .avi of him attacking the shrimp on the feeding rod I use to get it into the bottom of the tank. Other than that when I need to lessen my snail population in my 15 gal, I throw a couple in his tank and wait for the Clack-clack-clack.

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Can't sleep, Clowns will eat me
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bubble coral , mantis shrimp , raw shrimp

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