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Big Fishy
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How long do you keep mixed saltwater?

How long? and how long is too long?
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I mix a week in advance of a water change.
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Big Fishy
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What do you keep it in?
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Carpe Noctem
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Usually 1-2 days as a minimum and come to think of it, sometimes over a month. I keep about 40-80 gallons on hand at all times in two rubbermaid brutes.
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As long as there is flow and maybe a heater your good.
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I'd keep it in a plastic drum for a coupl weeks with a heater and a powerhead in it.
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3 days in a usda container I wont store it longer than a week.
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I keep a Mag 3 in my Brute bucket with a tightly sealed lid. My water is RODI and the salt is IO. I can't imagine that it would EVER go bad! 28 gallons moving at 300 GPH, no draw on the traces or minerals? Am I missing something?
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Why would you not store it for longer than a week? We leave it in our tanks for years! I keep a 35 gal trash can full at all times with a powerhead and during the winter a heater. I change my water when I find time every 2 to 4 weeks
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