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Help with skimmer.

Hey Everyone,

I'm just starting out a new saltwater tank. Going to be a mixed reef tank. So far I've got a 90g display with a 55 sump. Going to get the display drilled out hopefully within the week. I've been looking at skimmers recently and was thinking of building one. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas or tips of how to go about this. Thanks in advance
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Welcome to TRT!!!

Not sure on the DIY skimmers. You just trying to save a buck??
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Big Fishy
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Welcome to TRT!

The only DIY skimmers that I know of off hand are Geoff's skimmers... a quick search should bring them up.
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If I could save money i would like to obviously. I've been looking online for skimmers specifically eBay and found some for 60-100 dollars. If I can build one for the same price that would be better and more efficient then I'd rather go that route. I did find a PDF file for the Geoff skimmer. Has anyone constructed it before. What kind of pump would be needed. My sump will be right behind my display in a seperate room so have lots of room to play with. Pictures of what the skimmer looks like would be helpful also

If its just not worth it then I'll just end up buying one. Any advice is appreciated
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found this one. If money is limited, I would suggest better to build a big skimmer than buy a pre-made, cheap, poorly designed, small one.
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The biggest thing with DIY skimmers is that the money is really tied into the pump and not the skimmer body. Pumps are what makes skimmer work/efficient/effective... basically everything. A good pump will run about $100-300 alone. Thus, the body is the "cheap" part of the skimmer. You can build a skimmer but you will still have to shell out a lot of you want a decent pump to power it.

You system will note likely benefit as much from a beckett style skimmer. As it will require a high-pressure pump (often more expensive) and they draw a lot of watts (expensive to run). They pay off more with very large tanks which need high processing capabilities. For about 120g of system volume, a pump-aspirated skimmer will be more economical and get you the same benefits.

If you want the best skimmer for the money, check out the Octopus NWB-150. $199. It would work for your tank as long as there is not to much of a bioload. If you have a heavier bioload, the NWB-200 would be better or maybe an Extreme/Super Reef Octopus model. Those are often the same body but with a better pump.

Otherwise, an Avast Marine CS-1 DIY kit is not a bad option.
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+1 to what the doctor ordered! Dont waste your money buying a cheap skimmer off of ebay... been there done that. Its just a waste of money that you could have put towards a better skimmer.
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skimmer advise

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