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Harbor Aquatics

Hi everyone,
I'm thinking of getting my LR from them. Phill didn't you get yours from Harbor? How was everyone's experience with them? They aren't very far from Milwaukee, so we (my dad and I) would probably take a little road trip to Indiana. What is the LR selection like? How were the sps & clams? Thanks for any info.

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Little Fishy
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I have gotten rock from Premium Aquatics and it is really good. Actually PA drives to HA to pick up rock. They save money on shipping that way!

Their rock is high quality and really good. It is worth the trip for rock and for other things also. You will have a blast!

Keep on reefing!!!

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Thanks for answering Carlos! BTW, it was great meeting you at the WI meeting. Anybody else?

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They USUALLY have a few tons of rock on hand but sometimes it's still curing. They also USUALLY have a few hundred corals to. Your best bet is to call first to see what they have in stock before you drive out there. I have about 300 lbs of their rock in my system and it is really nice stuff. It best part about going there is you can pick your own size/shapes. Bob
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just me
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Hi Drew, yes i got all my rock at Harbor Aquatics - hand picked is a great way to.

I do agree w/Bob make sure you call Joy about 2 weeks before you plan on going down to make sure she enough full cured on hand. They have a huge turnaround on thier rock.

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Jon and I visited HA a couple of years ago. It's an interesting operation. We got some nice tonga branch and a really nice leather from them. I agree with others, call ahead and make sure they are "stocked".

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premium aquatics , tonga branch

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