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Little Fishy
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Hair Algae Treatment

After reading numerous threads and articles online, i've pretty much come to the conclusion that this is one tough problem to beat..

I'll admit i was lazy on water changes and probably fed too much which probably led to this problem in the first place but i'm here and ready to fight!

I've finally got a RO/DI unit so i've been using that for water changes and top offs so I know that's definitely going to help. As of right now i'm doing the simple toothbrush and siphoning. It's somewhat effective but I don't think it's efficient enough to get the job done.

I really don't want to take all my rock out and cook it as I still have fish in my tank.. They would be left with just sad... :|

I have seen that some people use a phosphate reactor to help tackle the problem and some people use a sea hare but i'm a little skeptical when it comes to bringing one of those into the tank due to the extreme dumping capabilities they have lol.

I'm going to start doing 15% water changes weekly and keep on toothbrushing the rocks until they look nice again but I just wondering what you all have done other than cooking the rock again to take this mammoth down!

Edit: "Put the live rock into a rubbermaid vat with sw and a powerhead. Cover and no light for a few days. Presto, algae gone." This seems way too simple. Just a couple of days? Then I can throw the rock back in the main tank?
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Little Fishy
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I used to have that problem also. What I did was just kept up with my water changes and siphoned out as much as I could every water change. I don't have any hair algae now. It may take a while, but eventually you will be algae free.
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Nano Reefer
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I wouldn't cook it. Try running carbon and keep up on water changes. Also, you might cut down on your lighting period. If there is no coral, I would light only when you are home. Good Luck Though!
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Little Fishy
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How often do you think I should do water changes? I did 10 gallons yesterday and i've already made another 10. Twice a week? I notice most people say once. Is twice just overkill and a waste of water?
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Reefing Madness
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I just doubled up on my snail crew, and they pretty much took care of it for me. Once the Phosphate levels drop your going to be in good shape, ya just gotta keep them down.
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More snails like turbo fluctuosa. toothbrush and siphon was my #1 method for beating it (WARNING! side effects include: bad back, angry thoughts and sore fingers). Phosban will work but just run some mechanical filtration like a 100 or 50micron socks and change them every other day (or every day) without fail. Blow off the rocks an hour before you change the sock so as much detritus as possble gets in there. If you do this, DONT FORGET TO CHANGE THE SOCK, or you will undo all the progress you made.
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Rustl3r, getting at the problem...

in order the win this war you need to understand whats causing the hair algae. Nutrients are the problem, and getting at them before they get released is the main goal, but to clean up a tank with hair algae, manual removal is the best...

now you can use all these tools to help you, but I think having some snails to eat the hair algae then siphon out the poo is very easy and a lot cheaper and safer then using something like phosban, using filter socks while blowing out detritus off the rocks is another easy tool to use.

just remember the goal is to export nutrients, not disarm a reef algae bomb...
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hair algae

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