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i want all the fish
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glue for sump baffles..

hi everyone, how's everybody the title said what is the best glue to use for sump baffles? i have an acrylic sheet or acrylite from home depot to be glued to a 30 long tank..also is the silicone they sell ova there reef safe...tanks in advance...
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Perfeshunal Hikk
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Gluing acrylic baffles into a glass tank? GE Type I silicone. What you want to make sure of when you buy silicone is that it doesn't have an anti-fungicide in it. Windows/Doors Silicone Type I doesnt have it. Don't get the Kitchen/Bathroom type.
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Little Fishy
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I purchased on ebay, cheap!!! and had it in a few days.
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i want all the fish
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do i still use like super glue to hold it or silicone itself..tanks for the respond...
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the best thing for glueing acrylic to acrylic is Weld-On. there are various thicknesses. Weld-On 16 is the best for beginners.

if you have a VERY solid sump that does not flex then you can get away with doing silly cone. though you will need to use a lot of it on the edges and do not expect it to hold the baffles to the side of the sump. they will keep it water tightish, but they will not be structural. silly cone does not adhere to acrylic structurally.

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i used silicone to glue my plexi baffles in my 30L glass tank (i haven't put them back yet- different config now)... i used masking tape to hang the sheets in place while the stuff cured. it worked nicely until i took it all apart
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Fat Tony
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Best thing I have found is to use hot glue to set the baffles in place, and then run a decent bead of silicone on both sides of the the acrylic. Silicone does not bond well with the acrylic, but does bond to glass really well, the silicone will just act like a barrier to hold the baffle in place. Like Randy said, use the GE type I for windows and doors, or use the Lexan brand that is usually with the glass and acrylic at lowes/HD. I also know that HD carries aquarium silicone (at least in my loacl store) it is in the paint area where the wood glue is (gorrila glue, superglue, epoxy...all that stuff is in that area)
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i want all the fish
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yeah i have weld on 16, it works good with acrylic to acrylic... im going to try silicone ...tanx all....
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James Robert
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I used glass baffels. Had cut for a few $. Siliconed in. Not only strong but water tight
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Little Broke Fishy
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i used 2x4's cut to length to hold the 3/8" plexi(cheap) in the sump and a thick bead of aquarium glue.
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Originally Posted by James Robert View Post
I used glass baffels. Had cut for a few $. Siliconed in. Not only strong but water tight
This is the best way on glass tank.
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glue for sump

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