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Little Fishy
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Fresh start

So my entire livestock in my DT has passed away, Its time for a fresh start.

I have turned my tanks temp up to 85deg and left on a UV Sterilizer, Tomorrow I plan to lower the salt to next to nothing and I have removed rocks and started brushing them off and polishing em up. I placed rocks into a bucket with no water with hopes to kill everything off of them.

Should I remove all the sand and toss it? Leave the sand in tank at 85deg and 0 salt? SB is 3-4" deep maybe more just take off top layer leave rest in tank? Scrap the top layer, remove middle/bottom level, place in bucket with water at 1.009 salinity or no salt?

Equip that was in tank Do I let dry at room temp and leave out of water for a few weeks before reusing? Will running 160+deg water over it kill any ich on equip?

I learned a lot with this experience and Instead of giving up and never trying again I wont let this stop me and I will keep my head up and push forward.
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The same thing happened to me, it is always painful when it happens. I would just start over if i was you, throw away the sand, get clean rocks or bleach the one u have just to re start everything. Do you know why your live stock died?
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Little Fishy
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Yeah ICh and I made it worse adding stupid chemicals that claim to cure and not harm fish. Before i know it everything is going wrong n half my fish are blowing between powerheads. How do I bleach rocks? Like actual bleach? Hope that gets the nasty green off
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Yea pretty much bleach them, there are threads here as to how they did it. I just started with new rocks and cooked them, are you going BB this time ??
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Little Fishy
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Still debating. I may go BB with my 60gal but not with my 150gal tank. My silicone job sucked but it holds water and that's all I need it to do.

BB looks very sterile but I may since I had such a hard time keeping the sand clean and what not, it held everything and I couldn't get a hermit crab or a snail to do anything to help clean it. My maroon clown was the best at making sleeping holes for all the fish in the tank must have been 5 giant holes in my sand for every fish to sleep in when I woke up at 0500 Monday through Friday

I just wanna cure the rocks as fast as possible so my hippo has more to graze and hide in.
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Almost Reefer!
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the best way to cure YOURSELF of ich problems is to go slow.

Think Tanker
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Doc Holiday
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I'd leave everything in the tank and do hypo salinity for 3 moths..
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