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Feather starfish

A LFS in Sac Ca was trying to sell me a feather starfish. I heard they were near imposs to keep was I right in saying no thanks.
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yes you were correct in not getting it.
the Feather star has quite afew variations out there. they are a micro fauna and filter feeder so a lot of care needs to go in to them.But theare really cool looking..
you can do a basic search using Lamprometra palmata this will give you at least one of the variations of them..Here is a bunch of pictures of someof the other types thatyou may come across.

the over all care for these makes it almost a major headacke for reefers to even think about.
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I like them and they are cool looking, But like Tim said not ideal for everyone. I had a green and white one for a pretty long time a while back. I think I was just lucky and he was just fading away without me knowing it. I won't get another one, I got that one thinking he would be easy.
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I think they are lovely but extremely hard to keep, you were correct in turning it down......they are so cool looking though!

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One of our local reefkeeping masters has been able to keep one in his cold water tank, as Tims said... very hard to keep alive.
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feather star , filter feeder

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