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my friend has a 75 gallon sw tank,and she wants to know can she put driftwood in here saltwater tank that she found at the lake or would it just rot in there.
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big big big NO NO !!!

way to many bacteria and parasites and whathave you on there...if she values her saltwater tank and inhabitants than she will leave the wood at the beach or in a turtle tank...plus the wood will discolor the water and just fall apart in there aside from all the bacteria and decaying matter or even live matter that can gunk up your system...
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I have driftwood in my planted tanks. But I wouldn't put them in my SW tanks.
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driftwood canbe a great addition to a soft acidic planted tank... but has no real place in a SW tank. If you really wanted that look you could look into growing mangrove.... but that is it's own set of issues
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I second Mitchmac! I had a lot of driftwood in my freshwater tank, but that was heavily planted and there was barely any salt in the water. In a saltwater tank it will dissolve in away, not dissapear but it will crumble. It's not a good idea!
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+1,but great for FW!
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i actually have some wood from the docks of galveston/ the gulf. but it has been in seawater for probably 50years looks cool when coraline starts on it.
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most wood will lower PH won't it
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