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Little Fishy
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do i need a sump

im going to start my 55 gallon reef soon. do you really HAVE to have a sump tank. i have talked to 100 different people and gotten 100 different opinions. some say you have to have one and others say you dont. i have seen reef tanks without them that were great. i really dont want to go through the hastle of building one it just means more money. i have a nice remora aqua c skimmer that the store tested in their reef tank and it pulled alot of gunk out. i have 2 powerheads and will run a 325gph power filter until the tank it more established then will remove it. i plan to have at least 75 lbs of liverock. isnt it true that alot of good live rock and water circulation aids the tank with good filtration? how am i doing?
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Fat Tony
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You don't really HAVE to have one, but it sure makes life alot easier on you. There have been a few threads about this recently here in this forum. If you are looking for the benefits and such of why it is such a good idea. Do a search for sumps and look at posts within the last month or two.

But, If you are looking to have an SPS tank, then I would say it is a requirement. It will give you more water volume for system stability as well as you will be able to run a larger in sump skimmer on the system. It also makes maintaining water levels easier as well as giving you a place to add top of water to and calcium/alk/mag supplements to allow time for dissolution prior to making it to the tank and possibly making corals angry
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Big Fishy
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I was in denial that I never needed a sump for my 36 gallon corner tank. I read all the stuff on here and thought to myself that these guys are too hard core and are too sucked into the hobby. I made myself believe a sump was a waste of time and just for the "dork" in the hobby.

Well, when I moved I re-set up my tank with a 10 gallon sump and cant begin to explain how much easier it has made tank maintenance and made it look better by hiding stuff in it: the skimmer, reactor, heater, etc. It keeps the water level in my tank so it always looks good....sooooooooooo many advantages.

Trust me, you won't look back. I posted a similar thread 2 years ago and wish I took the advice back then
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Most successful reefs keep water quality as pristine and stable as possible. As Tony said you don't have to accomplish this with a sump, but saving money and hassle reduction are never the reasons people choose to have a reef. This hobby will cost you more than you ever planned to spend and require commitment to regular maintenance, just ask those 100 people, with or without sumps. The additional water volume and ability to use an over-sized skimmer in a sump creates addition stability that will make it easier to maintain the water quality and for your livestock to succeed. Thats why you bought the ramora. Ditch the power filter sooner than later and don't let it go more than 2-3 days without cleaning. Trapping food/waste in the water you are circulating in the tank and allowing it to decompose to chemicals is a bad thing, and the food and waste don't get any fresher daily trapped in the filter. The rock and circulation will be your biofilter. Good luck.
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Little Fishy
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As everyone has said you really dont "HAVE" to buy one you can get by without one, but why would you want to? Honestly they save you alot of hassle they hide your equipment and add volume to your tank, plus you can find them dirt cheap these days(like $50-60).
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I have a 150 and a year or so ago I decided I didnt want my sump anymore so I tossed it. Within just a few weeks I could see a difference in my water quality. You can go to home depot and pick yourself up a rubbermaid and make a sump from that it just needs to hold the water and the equipment you plan to put in it.
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