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Difference between Maracyn 1, Maracyn 2, Maracyn Plus, Melafix?

I am confused.

What is the difference between Marycyn 1, Maracyn 2, Maracyn Plus, and Melafix?

According to their Website they cure both of the same things.


It looks like those are both Powders.

I own the 3rd thing they sell Maracyn Plus Antibacteria that is a Liquid.

Can anybody explain the differeneces between these?

Is the Marycyn Plus both combined?

How is Melafix?

Are any of these Reef Safe as I have some Corals and Inverts.

The Bottle I have nor their Web Site say they are Reef Safe but they do not say that they are Not Reef Safe Either.
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Maracyn= erithromycin

Maracyn 2 = Minocycline

Maracyn plus =Sulfadimidine and Trimethoprim

they are all different anitbiotics. Seems like one and two are for gram positive and gram negative infections, though I have no idea how you are supposed to tell that without culturing a sample.

Melafix is tea tree oil or some other organic... I am not sure if it really does anything or not but your skimmer will probably pull it out anyway.
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Maracyn is a brand name of erythromycin, for treating gram positive cocci bacteria.

Maracyn 2 is minocyclin, a tetracycline antibiotic. It will treat a broader spectrum of bacteria.

Maracyn Plus is like Bactrim for people, a sulfa antibiotic plus trimethoprim. Gram positive cocci again.

Melafix is an extract of Tea Tree Oil. It is reported to work on some bacterial infections.

Any of these antibiotics can affect the biological filtration in your reef, but people pour them into reef tanks and get away with it. Best would be to have a hospital tank and treat the fish there. My problem with that is most of my reef fish hide quickly in the reef. Ideally, catch the fish, scrape the lesion, look for parasites and do a gram stain so you know the best way to treat. More real life is flip a coin and choose a medication. The trouble with treating the entire tank that way is you risk the entire tank to try to save one fish for a bacterial infection it may not even have.
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