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Cured or uncured Live rock for new tank cycle

Hello everyone looking for alot of oppinions on this. I'm sure this has been discussed before but i'm new to the Reef and new to reefing. Im starting a brand new 75 gallon reef tank and im debating on cured or uncured Live Rock. I know I'll get some static from this but I love the idea of getting a lot of life and creepy crawlers from Live Rock. I'm under the assumption that uncured rock will have a greater diversity of life then cured rock would have? I dont mind my tank cycle taking longer, in fact I think it may benifit me to keep just Live Rock for a bit so I can get used to having a SW tank and better learn all around tank maintnance. I'm currently thinking about ordering 50 lbs of fiji and 30 lbs of timora from Premium, is this a reputable site to mail order from or are there better sites? please list a few good ones. I have a good skimmer and I relize there may be a smell associated with die off. I would love all your oppinions. Im open to critisism so dont worry I wont take offense.
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cured is good no cycling rock, but if your shipping them yes you will have die of and a little cycle. dead is dry white rocks. i would do 50-50 use the dead as base rocks and put the nice live stuff on it and it will seed the dead stuff. use good flow and your skimmer and you should be fine. i would definitely use some good LR though, the best part is seeing all the little things on the rock you wont get with dead. i see something new everyday. as far s good place to buy from, sorry i hand picked from local
pet stores.
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Uncured rock will have more diversity. Also less lively to harbor aiptasia if shipped directly from the Pacific.
If you cure it in your display tank in your house/apartment, don't do it in really cold weather, because there could be a few days when you want to keep the windows open.

5 years ago I got Fiji rock from and was very satisfied.
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I prefer to cure my own live rock. It will get a tank cycled in about the same time as starting with dead rock and adding shrimp. If you cure your rock in your display tank, you will want to not add sand until it is done. As rock cures it is going to drop lots of rotting materials that you are better off siphoning out.

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You are correct, it will take a bit longer to cycle and it does have more diverse organisms and hitchhikers on it. I would go ahead and put your uncured rock right in. And in a way, I think it makes a better biological filter.
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live rock tank cycle

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