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Little Fishy
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Cleaning Dead Coral


I just recently returned from a trip to Mexico and picked up some sun bleached coral on the beach. I would like to put in my tank with my live rock and coral. Can anyone suggest how I should prepare it before putting it in my tank. There is still some coraline algae on some of the pieces but they are mostly white. Should I bleach them or just let them sit in a container with tank water for a few weeks?


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Mike your a brave man go there today and also bringing them back you could of ben in jail there the rest of your life!
Anyway since you go away from the police , do both of what you said and bleach it 1st.
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you can just let it sit in the sun for a week or so. that will clean it up pretty well. then just wash it well with water.

that was pretty risky bringing coral skeletons back from the Gulf. just be careful in the future. the hard corals in the Atlantic are protected. the problem is that customs will not have any proof that those corals were not killed by you. you "say" you found them on the beach.

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Little Fishy
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Hopefully you did not kiss any pigs while you were there. I routinely bleach my Coral skells. Use a large tub filled with water (enough to cover the coral) and add a cup or two of bleach and let it sit for two days to see if more bleach is needed. after that rinse very well and soak in water and repeat several times. after soaking, I let it sit in the sun for a week and rinse again before I put it back in. I agree that bringin back the coral was risky, but going to Mexico with all this Swine flu stuff, you are nuts.
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I just bought plane tickets to Mexico and I got a great deal! (not going till august though

Bleach um, I have washed em in acid before to take the top layer of stuff off and they look the same.

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what to do with dead corals

I did the same thing from the Florida keys. although i found dead pieces diving and not on the beach. how ever i bleached them than ran them through the dish washer ( the dish washer on hot cycle is will do it with out the bleach). than washed well with water. that the left them in the Florida sun for 2 weeks and i have not had a problem with it. when i clean them i just use the dish washer than rinse after with water because there is still detergents and drying agents in the dish washer. how ever i wish i would have keep the organisms and algae that was one them alive to help the tanks cycle, my aggregate was REAL live sand that came from a reef that i have personal explored. "the reason i say real live sand is because bag live sand is not the same"
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I have a large piece of old, dead and beautiful white coral in my 55 gallon aquarium. It covers about the middle 3rd of my aquarium floor, towards the back glass, up to within about six inches of the water surface. It doesn't quite fit into a 5 gallon bucket, width-wise. I had a lot of algae on it and had done all sorts of research on how to safely clean it, much of which was contradictory or onerous in terms of effort and time. Here is what absolutely works:

Entirely cover coral in a 9-1 mixture of hot water-bleach. No need to use more bleach, and less may even work (have not tried less). I use a clean, small kitchen trash can. You will see the algae disappear immediately. Leave coral in this solution for 10 minutes or so. Empty container and place coral aside while thoroughly rinsing the container with fresh water (until water emptied from container is clear). Thoroughly rinse coral with fresh HOT water (this helps dissolve any remaining bleach), then place back in container. Run a hose with fresh water into the container, filling it, and let the hose run slowly for about 30 minutes (I do this outside). Then, let coral soak for about 2 hours, rinse it with fresh water again, dry it and put it back in the aquarium. That's it. You may be able to cut the soaking time out - not sure - but even if you don't this is an easy process and can be done within a couple hours. No need to soak it over nite, or let it sit in the sun for days, etc., as I had read in many places. The same process works for rocks, plastic plants, and other ornaments, and in fact if there are not a lot of nooks and crannies like there are in coral, you can skip the soaking/hose running part entirely - just rinse the objects very well before putting them back in the aquarium. I do it that way with plastic plants and it works fine. Hope this helps alleviate any fear of using a small amount of bleach to make your aquarium ornaments and coral sparkle again!
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Hi i saw you was talk n about preserving coral. Ibwas in fl and a fisherman had a van full of coral. He handed me a piece the size of two hands put together It has antler coral on it. Ive had it for 4/5 yrs. but it seems to b disintegrating there is a fine sand like every time i dust all over the shelf. How can i stop it from deteriorating. Is there something i can put on it. Plz let me know. Thank u
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Paul b
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Virtually all the coral we used to put in our tanks we got like that. I carried all of mine home on my lap on the plane. Today they would shoot you. Just put it in some tap water with a cup of "regular" bleach. Make sure it says regular and not fresh scent or easy pour or you will kill your fish (don't ask) After a few days soak it in fresh water then air dry. You are good to go.
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