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Calcium Question

How much and how often should I add calcium to my 75 Gal tank.
I am trying to revive the tank. I just got 10 lbs of live rock to add to the 50 lbs of the dead rock that I am trying to bring back.

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How often and how much to add depends on your particular setup and how much calcium is being removed from the water. If you don't have a calcium test kit, get one and you'll need an alkalinity test kit too as calcium/alk work together. Try to keep your calcium levels around 400-450 ppm and your alkalinity at 3-5 meq/l. When your test kits tell you that you need to boost levels, follow the manufacturers directions on the additives to start, then test frequently for a few days or weeks until you get an idea of exactly how this affects your levels. You'll soon see what your additions should be to keep everything where you want it. HTH
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