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Best Additives

The tank should be up and running next week.......What does everyone think of B-ionics or should I go another route?

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Never used it.
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two questions before going further?
1. why do you want to use additives?
2. anything in your tank that needs them?
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General Rule...Never add anything that you can't test for
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A lot of people use B-Ionic which is a name brand 2 part calcium/alk supplement and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Probably more people use a DIY 2 part supplement, the recipe can be found here somewhere (it's not that hard to make, you only need 3 ingredients and water). Now here's the problem with the 2 part solutions: if you have a tank with lots of sps or calcium using corals, it will become difficult to add enough of the solution daily to make it practical to use. In other words, a 2 part solution is good for smaller systems and non sps dominant systems.
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I wouldn't dose anything except pH buffer (IF you need it) until the tank is fully cycled and you're testing to see IF you need anything.

Usually it takes a while to accumulate enough livestock to tax the trace elements and such, so most trace elements and etc., are replaced naturally by doing regular water changes.

Let it cycle, let it settle out and find its own balance, then TEST TEST TEST and tweak if you need to.

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I'm using on the regular basis calcium, magnesium, alkalinity and buffer additives, after testing for everything of the listed above.
The tanks are common reefs with softies and LPS, the water is IO mix, that has low Ca and Mg, and tanks are well-fed, so alkalinity eventually drops. Buffer is used as alternative for an alkalinity supplement, when pH is different.

B-ionic should be expensive for a big tank, IMO.
For a new tank you will not need additives immediately, but it's handy to have them.
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B-ionic is good stuff. If you have SPS and LPS in the tank it will help maintain pH and CA. I also have the Mg and add as needed. Buy the Sailfert test kits so you can see where you are.
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