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Beginner coral selection research list~ plz critique

These are the corals i have started to research for ease of care when i can afford to buy them. Now this is just a list of what i might want that i might be equipped to keep, its also a preliminary list, not a shopping list for an all-at-once definate order. Its going to be at least a month to 3 months before i could possibly get any of these if i have the right environment and i think it won't hurt to start getting advice on them now, whether or not to try them, what exactly to feed them and how often, where to place in the tank, maybe where to buy healthy ones etc....

Like i said, its very preliminary, tell me what you all think.

my tank specs are in my sig

°Yellow Fiji Leather
Sarcophyton sp.
Peaceful, medium-high maintenance
high light needs, higher water flow

°Toadstool Green Leather
Sarcophyton sp.
aka Green Crown, Elegant Leather etc
Low light, moderate flow
easy care, needs feeding, peaceful

°Cabbage Leather- Sinularia Dura
Needs feeding, medium maintenance
moderate light, moderate flow
semi-agressive hardy, will reproduce

°Metallic Brain- Wellsophyllia sp.
Needs feeding, moderate light, moderate flow
Fairly agressive, needs space

° Pearl Bubble coral- Physogyra sp.
needs feeding, is agressive, needs space
low maintenence, moderate light and flow

°Candy coral
needs feeding, low maintenance, moderate light and flow

°Lace Coral aka StylasterCoral- Disticophora Sp.
Needs feeding, peaceful, low light, moderate flow

°Plate Coral, long tentacle- Heliofungia actiniformis
Agressive and large, needs a lot of room
low maintenance, needs feeding, moderate light and moderate water flow

°Swollen Brain coral- Blastomussa wellsi
Medium maintenance, moderate light and flow, needs feeding. peaceful

°Scroll Montipora- Montipora Capricornus
needs feeding, peaceful, medium maintenance
moderate light and flow

°Open brain, green- Trachyphyllia geoffroyi
needs feeding, semiagressive, mod light, mod flow
very hardy, excellent for beginners (so they said)

°CatsEye coral Cynarina Lacrymalis
Needs feeding, low maintenance, moderate light, moderate water flow
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Umm..if I can ask, what kind of lighting do you have? How big a tank, and how long has it been set up? If you posted this elsewhere, forgive my asking again.
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Forgive me for being so slow, but I don't see anything in your sig line. And when I look at your website, which is otherwise cool, there are no tank specs, other than the 46 bowfront. It's probaly right in front of my face, but..........
Actually, I'll go ahead and critique also. Sarcophyton sp., can't go wrong. I love mine. My next tank will have a gold one, as my last dive trip they were everywhere.
Euphyllia - very aggressive, except that I've had everything but a bubble, and I understand they are the least aggressive. My torch damaged everything it touched, and it touched a lot!
Brains of all types- my personal favorite corals. If I don't get dominated by sps, I'll definitely have a collection of brains. Hey, I need some brains somewhere, don't have any on my shoulders!
Heliofungia - can be aggressive, though very pretty. Requires a lot of room. Have you considered a regular fungia? I've seen some beauties. I have a green and pink, and an orange one. Very peaceful. Last night the green/pink one opened only his mouth very wide, when I put the blender mush in the tank. You could see his skeleton down in there. Too weird.
Cabbage leather - I've got one of those, brown with green fringe. Not so exciting, but tough and resilient. Doesn't like a lot of light.
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for beginning i like to suggest the softies. those with a stony base need to have good Ca and alk levels in order to be easy.

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Nice choices - some of my faves

I'd skip the Stylaster - it's non-photosynthetic and unless you've unravelled the mysteries of feeding it and have a whole lotta current, it's not likely to live. They are gorgeous though - but I don't even bring them in, they are doomed.

Heliofungia - nice choice but they are tempramental. They seem to do fine for many, and then suddenly they fail. Not sure why, but I've had miserable luck with them, and so have many I know. Fungia sp (shorter tentacles) are much hardier - I had one even survive a Rio pump meltdown last year, and it's prettier than ever now, been in its tank (customer I maintain) for about 18 months now.

Montipora capricornis - wait til your system is very mature for this one, and hope you have strong lighting -they grow quickly in the right environment. I'd make this one a last one.

The rest are good choices, colourful, forgiving I love Blastomussa sp, the wellsi is gorgeous when it's feeling good and all puffy.

I've got a Cynarina lacrimalis that I've had for just over 3 years now - we call it 'Mick Jagger' because it looked like a big puffy pair of lips when we got it

Trachyphyllia, always pretty - easy care, lots of different shapes and colours - I even keep a pretty red one in a 29g under 2 x 15 w NO lamps - it's growing nicely.

Candy Coral - Caulastrea sp. was my first coral - very nice, easy...

Leathers - love 'em all! So many shapes and different colours. I have a metallic green finger/spaghetti leather I got as a little 2" frag a couple of years ago and it's large now!


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