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Azoo Thermoelectric Heater/Chiller

Has anyone used one of these or know how well one works? I'm wondering how loud they are, if they work as well as they're advertised, how much heat they put off, and if they're recommended. For the price, they're cheaper than a standalone chiller (and much cheaper than a chiller plus a heater plus a temperature probe plus a controller ).

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got a website on these things?
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Not to push one merchant over another, but here's where I found them first:

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i do not have any experience with them, but did do a lot of research before i decided to DIY my chiller. what i have found is that they are great for taking small to medium sized tanks down a couple of degrees or so. the biggest one they make will only cool a 75g.

they should be fairly silent, i would think much quieter than a conventional chiller. all that is in there are a couple of fans.


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I bought one, and it's not bad. I had it on a 10G Nano w/ a 10g sump and it was all it could do to keep up w/ the heat from my lights. I now have it on my 75G w/ 20G sump and it does well at maintaining the temp 1 degree on either side. The unit I have is the smaller of the two, rated for a 55G tank, and I think thier rating is WAY over, it probally is unable for a 20G or so.

When I first go the unit, I had a problem with the power supply. Drs. Foster & Smith took it back and had me another one in a decent ammount of time. Was is worth $300? Well, it kept my 10G going despite my 4 tubes, now? Well, since nothing comes close to the cost I'd still go for it. The bad boy chillers are just so expensive.

FYI, this unit is nothing more than:

2 Peltier junction coolers/heaters, 2 fans, and a thermostatic controller. I believe it has a SS liner in it, but could be mistaken. The unit is packed w/ a lot of styro so it's hard to disassemble w/o damaging something.

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Dheiney, thanks for the feedback. If I get one, I'll set my expectations low and let everyone know how it turns out.

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