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aqua c remora vs remora pro

well I've decided to fix up my 30g in the mean time and I want to get a good HOB skimmer for it.
I figure that I'll drill anytank bigger than 75g so is there any point in going with the pro?
will the normal aqua c be alright if I put it on a 75 in the future?

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Big Fishy
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if planning for the future, go with the Pro.
I have the "c" on my 55 and should have spent the extra cash for the pro.
So if you plan to move it over to a 75, go with the pro, but that might not even be good enough depending on what you plan to keep.
IMO for just the 30 the Aqua "C" is fine.
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I've heard/read that the Aqua C is good upto 75 gal. Pro would probaly be better for a 75+ tank, you can't over skim well at least I dont think you can....
Tank specs:

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Well I got the Pro on my 40 gal reef and love it.I rather have a bigger one to have if I deside to go bigger.You can never skim enough.for the little etra buy the Pro also why don't you look on e-bay.I got mine there for a great price.
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the thing is I have my euro-reef for my larger tank I'm setting up. I just can't decide what to do with it yet. So anyways while I plan and actually go through with that I want my 30 be in better shape.
I've seen some really nice smaller tanks and don't see why mine shouldn't be!
it's alright now but I fear that it's on a crash course... not enough flow and detrius building up everywhere.
The reason I wanted to start a new tank is basically because I've learned so much that I've been doing wrong and want to do it more right. But I think I'm capable of fixing this tank up. Maybe I'll start a fix up 30g thread
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I'll check out ebay
the only problem is being in canada duties kill ya and make it not worthwhile as I ahve learned
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hob skimmer

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