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Adding live sand in my establish tank

Hey Guys
I want to add about 40 lbs more of live sand to my tank that has bean establish for about 1 year with live rock and sand. But I have some concerns about this and they are:
will adding the sand start a new cycling proses like when I first setup the tank? will it harm my fish? and if not how do you add the sand in to the establish tank.

Thanks guy's
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Adding LIVE sand may be detrimental to an established tank, in your case, I'd add dry sand, an established tank wont take long at all to liven up the sand.

Now, when adding, rinse the new sand thoroughly in RO/DI water, to get any fine particulate out, use a cup, scoop up the wet sand, and gently lower it to the bottom of the tank, that should hold it together as the sand is heaver than the water, then gently dump it onto your sandbed.

Now, more importantly, how deep is this gonna make your sand bed? Why are you wanting more sand? And how often to you disturb/mix up/clean your current sandbed. If your current sand bed is well cleaned, and often disturbed, you should be ok to mix the new sand in, but if not, before adding more, I'd wanna slowly beginning to clean out your current sandbed, maybe 10% of the bed at a time, so you dont release a bunch of crap from it into your water.

Hope this helps!
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i do not think adding live sand to any system is a good idea. it is best to use dry sand. less chance of being completely full of phosphates. the critters that are already in your system will quickly populate any new sand you put in the system.

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I agree.
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If you add live sand, then add it slowly or cook it first. Choose one part of the aquarium and move the sand over. Place the new live sand in the cleared spot. Adding new sand on old sand can trap excess detritus. It also can kill the little critters that are use to the ph of the old sand (new sand will create different ph zones, as well as ammonia pockets from die off). By seperating the sand you are allowing the new sand to equallize with the rest of the old sand (removing possible harm from sand sifters). Even if the new sand is not LS it is a good practice to follow.
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I will add dry sand instead and I will wash it before adding it to the tank.
what brand should I buy?

Thanks guy's
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