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Little Fishy
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Red Slime Algae Eaters????

I just read something today about some snails and hermits eating red slime algae. Has anyone else had this happen? My red slime is starting to grow slower, but I am getting really tired of siphoning all the algae every week.
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there's an orange/redfoot snail will eats red slime algae, but they are cold water, 70-74F.
good skimmer and increase ur flow they will be gone in no time.
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Better to keep trying to battle the root of the problem, your aquarium will be better off in the long run. List all specs of your tank and husbandry and we can help figure out the issue that is causing this red slime.
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I don't want to Jack your thread SLP but I am dealing with the same thing and nothing is helping. I created another thread for my issue. Thought I would link it here in case one or both of us come up with a working answer so we can help each other.
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dirk griffin
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Just bombed mine with Chemi-clean this morning. Soaking in right now, with quite a few hobbiests having issues, I would not be surprised it is a seasonal thing. I have "heard" about the seasonal idea before......Whether it is the many hot days over a few month period, a co2 issue, of course along with high phosphates, over feeding, exhausted r/o filters, no kalk dripping, and others.
While I agree getting to the root of the problem is the best way. With all of the many factors which are eventually contributing to this and usually a combination of problems. Sucking out as much as you can, because there is always more where you can't reach or see and treating with one of the many products available is the only way I have beaten it in the past.
The strong guess on my issue is the r/o filters, I am shutting it down for my trip to Macna in 2 weeks. Changing out all them when I get back. Also going to change mine more often and add poly filter discs after the dbl D/I.

The other observation is while the 540 has some red, the 405 has hardly any. Both are on the same system/water but the return water to the 405 goes thru a UV and a skimmer before entering that tank. So the uv and skimmer are obviously making a difference.
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I'll give another vote to the seasonal hypothesis. Whether or not that means season as in "I neglect my tank during the summer season", I don't know.

I would refrain from chemical "solutions". Cyano toxin/mass die-off has been implicated in more than one tank wipe-out. Plus, it's a short-term remedy and not a solution by any means. I'd say siphon like mad (more than once a week), keep dirt from accumulating in the tank and you could even try a fighting conch or two - they supposedly eat it. Bottom line - keep detritus from accumulating. Increased flow in and of itself does nothing to ward off cyano once its growing. You need to clean the areas where it's taken hold.
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Little Fishy
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It is a 12g aquapod, ~6 months old. ~10-15 # liverock. ~450 gph flow between 3 pumps. 1.5-2 in of aragonite sand. 2 x 1.5 inch percs, 1 green chromis, 2 X 1" Gobies. 1 emerald crab, various hermits and snails. I've had the red slime for a couple months. Have been doing 25-50% water changes weekly with R/O and coralife salt since then. I just got a refractometer and my S.G. that I though was 1.026-1.027 is actually about 1.020! I am slowly raising the salinity now. Could that have affected things?
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Red Slime Remover. OD and WW has it. The one time I used (few years ago) it worked rid of red slime for good and no problems with anything else.
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Sea monkey
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i also used that red slime remover with good results in the frag tanks .

i had it upstairs at one point also. I was running four maxi jets for flow(90g) at the time , when i upgraded my flow it disappeared completely in about 2 days
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black margarita snails ate mine about 20 -30 in a 40 breeder. worked like a charm.
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Little Fishy
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I have tried the red slime remover, or at least one of them. It worked at first but now the red slime seems to have become immune to it. I wonder if using another brand would work. I hadn't thought of that until just now. I tried a phosphate remover media for a couple days once and it killed my old frogspawn. It was later determined that it probably was not a reef safe one but I have not been brave enough to try phosphate removers again. I also am not running a skimmer since my tank is so small. I got some chaeto from sea monkey at the last meeting to try to absorb some excess nutrients and I think that it might be working, I think I just need some more supplemental algae removal to completely clear the tank of the red slime algae.
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Little Fishy
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Black margarita snails with red slime algae? Anyone else had that happen with these snails? Also, how likely is it that if I get a "black margarita snail" at a LFS that it will be the same species that ate the red slime? I've heard that there are so many hermit sub-species that it is kinda hit or miss wheither they will eat your algae or your star polyps. Are snails like that too?
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David Grigor
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When I've had the red slime ( typically occurs with new sandbed ). I just wait it out. Sometimes only a couple of weeks other times can take a few months. Just due deligence with keeping your water quality parameters as good as possible, water changes, siphoning, should take care of it eventually without the use of chemicals.

For me, I have never seen any adverse effects on corals and have not had too bad of outbreaks so I just ride out the storm.
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