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Bubble Coral

What is the secret of keeping them alive!! I am on my 3rd one. Now over half is completely deflated..and inside looks likes it just dieing off the mouth is gone..

More reef rubble in the making. What the hell! Everthing else in the tank thrives.

Todd (I am out of the bubble business)
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How much light is it getting? I don't think they like strong light but I do think they like feeding.
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I have it on the bottom 1/3 of the reef wall. and I am using on PC's.
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I know the feeling. I've tried several over the years with no luck. I'm thinking it's something with lighting. The last one I got over a year ago, started fading within a few weeks. I eventually moved it into the refugium/graveyard under low lighting and low flow but same water and it started coming back almost instantly. It's still mostly skeleton but it's alive. I don't know what the "trick" is but like you, I don't think I'll try another one.

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I must be lucky then. I had a bubble coral about 9 years ago. I had kept it for 2 years before giving the whole tank to my brother. He then kept it for another year and half before the tank busted and killed everything inside. To my experience, that was one of the easiest coral I ever had. My brother and I were both un-experience reefer back then and we were able to keep it without any problem. The coral was placed in bottom 1/3 of a 90 gallons (30" high) fish tank with 2-400W metal halide/atinic and I don't recall that I have to do anything specific for it except dosing Iodine and Strontium couple time a week. I guess this is one of those poor shipper coral.Did you get your buble coral on line for from a lfs?

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No, I got it off a girl in Duluth that was going to College. That was like 4 months ago. 3 days ago it was full and big. Not it is just deflated sacs looking like crap. The one I did get online lasted like 4 weeks.

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I've never had a bubble coral before but have had similar troubles with variuos euphillia and calaustrea corals, both of which are supposed to be "easy" to care for... If this is a sudden change after a period of good health, I'd look at pH and temperature swings, but also specific gravity swings. I'm going through something similar with an ancora at the moment, but attribute it to a recent cyano breakout I'm having... Good luck!
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I think bubble corals are like xenia. I have seen some tanks have them and some tanks not support them. My 40 gal tank couldn't support xenia for some reason. Now my 75 it grows like wildfire, and I had to prune out about 3 pounds worth yesterday to have some open space for my corals.

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Ok it's back. I don't know how or why, but it is back to full bubble mode. Maybe he just had the flu..

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The bubble coral was the first coral I had ever had and I had it for about 2 years or so. They do love to be fed a lot. Also shipping has a lot to do with it and so does harsh water flow hitting the coral. They have sharp ridges in thier skeleton and can be damaged very easily. Once they are damaged they will receed and there may or may not be hope for them. Your best bet is to find a LFS that has had one for a while (a lot of recession from shipping doesnt occur until a few days later). Ive worked at a lot of stores over the years and what seems to be the secret to these guys is the way that they are handled and shipped. All euphylias seem be that way.
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bubble coral , bubble corals

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