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I put the date, and time. What the current Temp and ph is. And how the tank looks. I make observations on how the corals look and growth. As well as algae growth in my refuge. I try to make equipment notes as things change, and how they change the corals. The key is to change one variable at a time, to see how it affects your tank. Water changes, and dosing is also noted. I always dose the same amount at the same time. I try to observe night feeding compared to day. Basically I try to learn as much as possible about my inhabitants. Like my 6 line Wrasse sleeps under this one rock every night like clock work.
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Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
are you sure we are mimicking nature? remember we are dealing with controlled systems.


Zoinks... No we are not trying to mimick nature. We try to keep the predators out of out systems.

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Originally Posted by Geoff View Post
are you sure we are mimicking nature?
we are absolutely mimicking nature with our hobby

We, as humans, take, modify, capture, interfere with, negatively impact, and destroy everything natural on this earth we encounter.
I like to glue animals to rocks and put disturbing amounts of electricity and saltwater next to each other
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Originally Posted by Salty O'Shen View Post
i keep a log...have ever since my freshwater days...i have some standard entry spaces that are laid out for standard parameters and some space for observations, new introductions, and changes. I put a spreadsheet together in Excel and then I print out pages and keep them in a 3 ring binder...

but i'm OCD and a Nerd
hahahaha ya you sure are

but seriously im gonna start that.
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