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Frag Tank

Here is a pic of my new frag tank. Approximately 15 gallons with 130 watts of PC 50/50 (10,000K/Act) with some frags in it already...
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what are the dimensions? looks good. is it plumbed by itself or to the rest of your system?

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Nice tank...whered you get it? Is it a custom job?
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Lookin good Don.
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There are actually 2 of them, the one in the pic is 21"W x 16"D x 9"H ... The other tank, still needs lights, is 21"W x 16"D x 12"H and will be used for a grow out tank, for colonies, as well as for frags. I had them made to fit the bookcase which also houses the refugium. I get them thru a LFS who gets them from a place in Mississippi (they've been able to come up with the best prices so far and the quality has been great). They are plumbed into the main system, that way I don't have to worry about aclimating the corals after fragging, just frag and place. Each of the tanks has a inlet and outlet for the system tie in and also a closed loop. Each closed loop is run with a Mag 5 so there is plenty of current in the tanks. The frag tank in the pic has 130W of PC 50/50 lights over it, and the other tank will get 195W - 260W of PC's over it or possibly a 150W/175W MH with PC actinic supplement.

Also I found a supplier for "plastic Plugs" for mounting the frags (I'll be posting a add in the classified section) similair to the ones used by ORA and other places that deal in frags. Those are them in the pic, the little red thingies (technical term) in the eggcrate...
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How long does it take to setup a frag tank ?

Can I just buy a small tank, pump, lights, fill with water and start growing frags ? What kind of filtering system would I need ?

Is it substrate absolutely necessary ?

Too many questions......I'm very curious !
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Far out, Don! Looks good

Ditto on the above questions !

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frag tank

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