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Recently while purchasing from my LFS I was asked if I needed any additives such as strontium. I had until this point run the basic stuff, Bionic, iodine and food supplements. I purchased the strontium and have used it twice. Since then I have noticed a minor fade in my corline algae. What is the consensus regarding strontium? Use it or lose it?
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i dose it but i have no idea why, i also dose calcium, iodine,
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Lose it. There's no good evidence that it does any good and too much is definitely bad. I dose Ca/Alk, iron (for macro-algae) and silicate (for diatoms & sponges). I could be convinced to dose iodine. IMO, all the rest is snake oil.
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If you stay on top of water changes, then you don't need to add the strontium. Cause the new salt water would carry it.
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Herpatrolium, water changes will hopefully keep alk in line, calcium add as needed, other than that Iodine is a poison, Stronium s hows up in coral skeleton( i think it migh displace magnesium)
Calc 400-450
mag around 1200
and alk in the 9-12 DKH and your OK
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coral skeleton

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