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Shouldn't an RO unit remove phosphates???

I purchased the AquaFX Stingray RO unit to purify my top off water. I have a 25 gal tank and don't need that much water, so I figured this unit would do me fine. I have been having cyano problems and I just got my saltifer phosphate test kit and tested my RO water, and it showed a low concentration of phosphates. I am going to go re-test, but does this sound right?
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yes it should. Have you re-tested yet? Have you tested the tap water to compare?
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FF, did you just start up the unit? They say to toss the first 10 gallons or so. What kind of receiving container do you run the unit to? Some rubbermaids can be made of recycled plastic that can leach phosphates. Lastly, are you sure about your Salifert test kit? I, within the last month, got a Mako from AquaFX and it checked out ND for phosphate using a Hach DX-5000 Spectrophotometer. It also produced water with a silica reading of 3ppb. Not bad for a $300 syystem!
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I needed to add a DI unit to my RO unit to eliminate phosphate.
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The TDS of my supply water is only 125 but, my PO4 is like 3.5! I get a reading of 2~3 TDS after My RO but before the DI, However there’s still a reading of 0.5 PO4 that the RO doesn't remove. The DI will remove the remaining PO4, But I need to replace it once it starts to read 0.1 TDS because that means the DI is used up & will allow the PO4 to pass through.

I'm planing on adding a second back-up DI & an electronic purity monitor to my unit that way I can see when the first cartridge is exhausted then replace it with the back-up cartridge & add a fresh one to the second housing.

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phosphate test kit , salifert test

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