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Hey Guys! New to This Hobby! and in need of help

Hey guys so i always wanted to build a salt water reef tank with a couple of clown fishes and i started recently purchasing some items. such as the tank(24G NanoCube) No hood..
I'm going to list some Items that i bought... tell me what you guys think or suggest.

Heater : Aqueon Submersible Aquarium Heater 100 Watt
Filtration: 500g Ceramic Rings + 50 pcs Bio Balls
Pump: Old one was Broken so i got this one...
JBJ Submersible Powerhead Pump Dual Output SP 1800 Aquarium Fish Tank 290gph
Lighting: This is the part i need most help, since lightning is super important.
There was no lightning with the tank so i bought 2 lights from Ebay,
im going to list the link, and Sizes,


Size 18" x2

13K ,White Leds (48 PCS)
920nm , Blue Leds (48 PCS)
1250 nm ,Red Leds (6 PCS)
1050 nm,Green Leds (6 PCS)
LUMEN 1404
Size of the light (16.75" x3.548"" x0.5") Each light.

So are these good stats for the tank? or do i need more light?

Also i need a Skimmer & wavemaker, i added dry rock for less bacteria to build. not sure if i need a UV stabilizer

looking forward to hearing from you guys !
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Welcome and have fun.

The lights are not really for corals.
The LEDs are .1w they won't penetrate the water very far.
Looks like it would really be for freshwater or FOWLR (fish only with live rock) as it says. Not very good even for low light corals.

You don't need a UV sterilizer until after the tank is cycle if even then.

I would skip the ceramic rings and bio-balls, they just provide a place for detritus to build up and make nitrates.

I don't understand your statement "i added dry rock for less bacteria to build"
with only dry rock it will take longer to build up the beneficial bacteria get the tank cycled.
Research and Planning, Research and Planning.
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24g nanocube , light 24 gallons , need a skimmer

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