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I am finally getting my dream of a reef tank off the ground. It might sound a bit lame to call it a dream, but it really is. I have planned, shopped, loitered at the LFS, read and read and read, and lurked on the interweb forums for between 10 and 15 years. I had a FW tank for most of that time, but didn't want to get a SWT until I could do it right.

So I finally reached a point where I had space and funds for a Red Sea 650. I love it! I really want to do it right. Take my time and build a tank that my grandkids can enjoy some day. Here's a pic of the tank and of it's initial population:

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Well let me be the 2nd person to welcome you to TRT!
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hello, i am also getting a tank of my dreams, i was going to go for the red sea 650... please keep me posted how you like it. I think i am going to build it from scratch as i am going to build it into the wall and putting a fish room behind it but still not sure on the setup.

the 650 is a 175gallon i believe and i think i am going with a 300 gallon tank but if i decide not to the red sea looks great.

also would love to know if you are happy with all of the stock equipment?

look forward to seeing the progress on your tank

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I absolutely love the look of the RS650. Clean, modern, looks nice. We had noise issues initially, until we got the flow valve adjusted. Even so, it has once woken me up at 4 am making loud gurgling noises. Adjusted the flow valve and went back to bed.

The LED lighting is amazing, but connectivity has been an issue. It took forever to get the lights all paired up and working as parent and child x3. Even so, half the time when I access the MyAI app it won't connect. And last night, after I went to bed early for work, I noticed the tank lights were quite bright when the wife opened the bedroom door. They shouldn't have been, as I have it programmed to be a dim purple at night. When I got up early this morning I could see from the light coming under the bedroom door that the tank lights were still bright. So, from the bathroom, I tried to dim them from my phone. Couldn't connect. However, when I exited the bedroom the lights had now, inexplicably, switched to the dimmer setting. I have no idea what's going on.

And one final note, the pump that sits in the sump under the tank requires some sort of foam to keep it from making noise as it vibrates against the sump. Apparently my installers didn't know that and threw it away, thinking it was packing material. So until my replacement foam comes, it's noisy. If you get a RS650 make sure they keep the foam pad for the pump!
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Welcome Dallaswinefan to TRT!

Hope you get your issues worked out as it looks like a nice tank ya got going there.
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