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What do YOU feed your anemones?

Well I am trying to figure out what everyone feeds there anemones. I tried to search but I guess it is disables for a while.

Please include the following:
1. Kind of anemone
2. Kind of food's
3. Lighting
4. Tank size

Thanks a lot everyone!
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Big Fishy
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dont have one at the moment...but in the past...a long tentacle(got it for free only reason i had it)..but i fed it freeze dried krill with much success..
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1. Mine is either a H. Crispa or H. Aurora hard to tell as of now
2. I have been feeding it Brine shrimp and tilapia
3. 2x65w Power compact fixture
4. 10 gallon AGA
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Little Fishy
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I have a bubble tip in a 55 gal. I feed one krill soaked in salt water per week. I'm personally scared to soak food for my anemone in garlic guard just yet. My lighting ( I always mess this up, so plz excuse!) Is a deep blue T5HO twin lighting system with moonlights (blue lights that run at night) and 2 other bulbs one that's asotenic (not sure of the spelling) and the other a bright daytime light. It stretches all the way across my 55.
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i have a lta and i feed him one or two formula one pellets a day and i have a 30 gallon tank with 96 watts
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Elegance Coral
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I change it up quite a bit. I feed them pretty much any marine meat. Shrimp, fish, clam, squid, crab, you name it, I've probably fed it to my anemones.
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Well I have owned allot of anemones over the years and allot of diferent size tanks. I am like Elegance Coral I have fed pretty much everything to them shrimp, squid, mysis, silversides etc.. The two main things I fed though were mysis and silver sides. With silversides they were the small ones and if I could not get them I chopped them up.. Now that I feed Rod's food it has so many differnt things in it I just squirt some of that near them.
David Polzin
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Little Fishy
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My tank is coral, but I have one anemone that came as a hitchhiker on my original pieces of rock 11 years ago. It was maybe 3/4 inch tall then and was hidden down in a hole. Now it is 6 inches and very healthy. I have never fed it anything!
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Little Fishy
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So then you think it's fine for them to eat krill soaked in garlic guard when I feed my fish? I just got mine about a month ago so it's still very new to me! Thanks!
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Big Fishy
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I feed mine frozen krill and silversides pieces.
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Reefer Madness
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I have a BTA in a 28 gallon NanoCube with 150 Watt HQ1/14k. I feed her silversides, small pieces of table shrimp, vitamin-enriched brine shrimp and mysis. I alternate for variety and target feed 2-3 times a week.
"No aquarium, no tank in a marine land, however spacious it may be, can begin to duplicate the conditions of the sea..." Jacques Yves Cousteau
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I <3 Fishies
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I have a gbta i feed it a shot of mysis shrimp that i let sit with formula 1 pelletes. I also had a pink tip condy that i feed mysis and raw table shrimp. My gbta is under a shaded 4x54w t5's in a 18 all 125gallon. the condy was under 2x54w t5s it perished upon touching a heater while @ work.
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Little Fishy
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Basically any meaty marine food will work. I used mysis and brine shrimp frequently as well as silversides and krill.
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Should you put the food in any particular location on the Anenome
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Here is a great resource: http://www.karensroseanemones.net/feedingyourbta.htm

Personally: RBTA---silverside pieces in a 29G Biocube HQI w/MH
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anemone feeding lighting

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