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[quote=icebear;1495393]Did we ever find out what Flatworm eXit was made from? TD Wyatt and Doug were trying to find out for me when i was prego and battling a FW plague... i think the conclusion was to not allow it to come into contact with my skin at all, to play it as safely as possible.

it would be good to know more about 'pesticides' like those[/quote]

I don't know how much similarity there is between marine and terrestrial pesticides. I have done both lawn care and commercial pest control and if I were to speak in generalities (always dangerous) herbicides are relatively safe. Most insecticides used in pest control are nerve agents. Human nerve and insect nerve are pretty similar. You were not allowed to tell people a chemical was "safe". Its not safe it's poison. It was however "approved for this use." I tend to view marine products the same way that things meant to kill animals are probably in low enough dosages to not harm you but it is better to be safe.

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Potassium Permanganate, for treating Montipora Eating Nudibranchs

This particular MSDS is for 90-100% strength KMnO4 in dry form with a molar weight of 158.03. This can be ordered from The Science Company in "Lab Grade" dry form but is a hazardous material to be handled cautiously.

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Wow awesome thread thank you I've been wondering about this kind of stuff.
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[QUOTE=Mizer67;1256270][COLOR=black]Cyanoacrylate Gel[/COLOR]

Your wish is my command. Now as to why they work together - your guess is as good as mine :lol:[/QUOTE]

Haven't looked through the thread to see if anyone else has answered this but chances are it is because the saltwater that is also on your hands contains Cl- anions and can open the epoxide ring which leaves a byproduct of OH- anion which is a base and most likely what is hurting your hands :) as to why they only do this together im not sure because they both contain similar structures....
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KMNo4is a sterong oxisizer likr plain bleack, I would think yjat it is aq very good denaturing agent by the same measure via denaturing via oxygenation, the only reason it isn't a bleach thar Permanganate is also colored a bery dark purple. I'll look some stuff up on it tomorrow!
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