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Scuba Dan
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In Need of a SURFACE skimmer.

Need your help. I just set up my tank 3 days ago and noticed a film on the surface of the water in my refugium/sump. Maybe its because the tank was just set up, Im not sure. Besides the one shown in the link below, is there a diffrent surface skimmer available? or does anybody have the one pictured and would like to comment on the performance of the surface skimmer. Im not really sure how the one pictured works. Do I need to buy another filter/pump to use it? I really hate to buy another filter just to use this surface skimmer. I was hoping to find a hang on type of skimmer that just skims the surface that I can hang on the side of my sump. Maybe a DIY project that somebody has done?

Link to my tank:
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if the film is building up in your sump/fuge than i would just get a small PH and have it blast across the waters surface. have it break up as much of it as possible and get it back in the water column.

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Scuba Dan
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Ok, thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try.
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I have that one on my canister and a spray bar on the return!Works great!
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wow, this guy just made his own DIY surface skimmer and posted about it here. In an effort to remove the buildup of surface slime and increase degassing I turned one of my Cascade 150's into a surface skimmer. The amount of skimming action can be regulated by how high the nylon sock is raised on the intake tube(last picture). The last section is a tight fit but it can be removed and a sponge added to the PVC as well.
I used 1/2"NSF-pw(for potable water) PVC piping-short sections of pipe, couplings, elbows, and an old intake tube extension from an Aquaclear HOB.(I never throw anything away...LOL)
Also one of my Wife's nylon socks and a couple rubber bands...the cost of doing that is unknown at this time..though I'm sure I'll hear about it from her
It covers the white PVC and looks alot better but also serves the purpose of regulating the skimming.
Total cost of project was under $5
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i saw this here: e-heim skimmer -
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surface skimmer

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