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Fluval Carbon Changing

I have a fluval 205 for a 29 gallon aquarium. I was wondering how often am i supposed to change out the bags of carbon that are in it. There are 2 bags of carbon in there. Also the fluval has these white rings that are another filtration device and i was wondering how often am i suppose to put in some new ones if im even suppose to change the white rings out.
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Every week and for the rings,It depends on your setup.FO they stay in.Any other (FOWLR or reef,take them out and leave them out!Your rock is your filter.
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So your supposed to change the carbon packets once a week?? isnt that a little much?
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whenever i use carbon i use it till i notice something
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You dont replace the rings,just rinse them off and re-use.
If i remember there ceramic .
As far as the carbon,it verys. How much you feed,how many fish you have ect.
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Carbon life can vary depending on chemicals which the carbon is absorbing, the quality of the carbon, and ect. In addition carbon might only be truly effective for a few days (or just a day). Still, the general rule of thumb is normally between 2 and the absolute max of 4 weeks (rising the bags out (in salt water) between changes also helps alot). Carbon can/will leach stuff back into the tank if one does not change it out. I would personally buy a reusable media bag (just the nylon bag) and a bulk order of carbon media... those pre-fab canister replacement bags are expensive

As for the ceramic rings, if you have a high bioload and an established tank (aka you have been successful with the setup) removing the ring "whole hog" could risk a crash if they are serving as a a primary biofilter. Still, if you are intent to use the canister filter it can be beneficial with proper maintenance. The ceramic rings should be rinsed out in salt water every month to try to remove any settled detritus. I would change out 1/2 of the ceramic rings every 6 months anyways. The rings works on a similar/same principle as bioballs. While these media (including using live rock rubble) are notorious in their reputation as nitrate traps and producers, this is often as a result of improper maintenance or filter setup. Still, just make sure you rinse and/or replace that foam block regularly... aka rinse the foam block out every 3-7 days (the more the better) and replace the block every 2-3 months... mostly to keep detritus out of the carbon and ceramic ring area.
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You covered it good!
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