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Crazy clown fish

Greetings all reefers,Well my percula clown has taken intrest in my open brain,I believe he has adopted it as a host.Is this possible and will he harm my brain.The brain doesnt seem to mind he doesnt retreat what so ever.I will post a video asap.
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The brain will more than likely get use to it. The clowns will do some crazy things. (

Maybe he's hosting there because he wanted a bigger brain?
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Shouldn't hurt the brain at all. I have 4 Clarkii clownfish that I put in my tank as babies and 2 of them made my Wellsi and Scoly brains their homes for along time. One still likes the Scoly brain, but the other has moved his residence to the frilly/hairy mushrooms.

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My saddleback hosts my Red Lobo. I have read that clowns won't hurt the corals they nest in. I have to agree with this even though I don't totally love the thought of him rolling around in my Lobo.
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sweet thats great to hear thanks
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clarkii clown , hairy mushroom , hairy mushrooms , percula clown , red lobo

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