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Seahorse info

Hello I may only be 13 but I have a lot of experience keeping reef tanks and was looking into keeping seahorses I have recently purchased a 15 gallon column aquarium from Petco and set it up it has live sand and a few rocks including a large piece of dead coral this tank is probably good enough to keep a pair of Tiger Tail seahorses and a mandarin goby also I wanted to know about pipefish any posts will be greatly appreciated and this is my first post I would like to hear things like what the best frozen foods will be I have had a lot of saltwater experience and great knowledge and have kept up with very heavy payloads bio cubes and some expert care fish these seahorses say moderate so when kept with perfect water quality and no fast-moving fish should not be a big challenge for me also I wanted to know specific prices where to buy the seahorses from and if anybody has personal experience with a tank like this set up as a seahorse tank please let me know I was also going to stock the tank heavily with macro algae to help with biological filtration and offer good refuge for copepods this also offers a non stinging variety that is very similar to Coral with coloration any posts will be appreciated thank you
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I can't help with the seahorses, but I have had pipefish and mandarins. You'll be hard pressed to keep the copepod population high enough in a 15g tank to support even one of either of those fish. While my mandarin will eat some frozen (when she feels like it ) and black worms, she mainly hunts copepods nonstop. My pipefish never even looked at frozen. I had to hatch baby brine shrimp for them daily to keep them fed. There are some good threads for baby brine shrimp feeders and pod farms, if you're interested I'll hunt up the links for you. I had to rehome the pipefish, they were too much work. Hatching baby brine shrimp daily just wasn't for me.
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my favorite fish store near me has everything it gets in on mysid so there should be no problem with feeding them but i do already have copopods and lots the macro algae offers good refuge for them that is why i don't want the dwarfs thank you(-:
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I have a seahorse tank that is actually a 18 gal column tank. I only keep 1 erectus in there for that size of tank. I also have a mandarin in there with it. I do feed hatched brine every 3rd day as they both love it. I created a refugium on the bottom of the tank with chaeto and 3 other macro algaes. I found this works for keeping them fed also the food falls and sits in it and they are both smart enough to swim into it and grab the food.

Seahorses seem to like frozen mysis shrimp also sometimes frozen brine. I still like to do the hatched brine tho it seems to work bettter that way.

The over feedings (as you have to feed them multiple times a day) created a bristle worm issue where my chaeto is. So keep that in mind.
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A 15 gallon is to small for the long run I have a 45 gallon with 2 seahorse and 1 Mandarin Goby. I feed them san fransico bay brand mysis shrimp. I bought mine from Very good seahorses!
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