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How to sex seahorses

I have received many questions on how to tell if you have a male or female seahorse. Currently in the trade, male seahorses are more expensive and harder to come by since they are the birthing parent. even so you may at times run across a store that has both and no idea how to sex them. here are 2 simple pictures that illustrate how to tell. Remember that it is all in the belly as the males have a breeding pouch and the females don't...

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kinda like husbands after about 10 years of marriage... the gut just gets rounder and lower....
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Now Now, that was not called for LOL
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Originally Posted by icebear View Post
kinda like husbands after about 10 years of marriage... the gut just gets rounder and lower....
that is NOT called for HAHA
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the pictures are no longer there
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Originally Posted by icebear View Post
kinda like husbands after about 10 years of marriage... the gut just gets rounder and lower....
Hay not nice !I resemble that remark!
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pics? I paid alot for that gut, and am still around, worry about the skinny ones!
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As the majority of seahorses sold now are done so before the males have developed a pouch and so all look like females, here is a tip to try to determine sex before pouch develops.
"If you have a strong magnifying glass, take a close look at the anal fin area. On the female the anus and genital opening are above the anal fin. The male will have the anus above the fin and the pouch slit below it. Without the pouch being developed, that is about the only way to tell for sure."
Obviously, the largest seahorses give the best odds of success in determining sex in this manner, but careful examination can still determine smaller specimens as well.
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Just Cofused :>0
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"How to sex seahorses"

the first thing that came to mind when I read that was get them drunk first
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oooor...watch them poop. LOL!
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