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Little Fishy
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Tiny Aiptasia

Well anyone that has read any of my other post today will realize everything in my tank is small except for the problems. Bought some pices of live rock from the LFS and apparently is was covered in aiptasia. they had a few bigger ones that have been sucessfuly irradicated. today (my day off) i have noticed at least a dozen very very small aiptasia. still white not brown like the other ones. some you can barely make out their tenticles but they look like the other ones so i guess thats what they are. HELP please. my levels have been holding and the lady at the LFS (diffrent store. have stopped using the aiptasia ridden rush you store) said i would be ready to get adding to the tank in about a week but i want to get all this junk gone before putting anything else in there.
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Originally Posted by rajuncajun View Post
(diffrent store. have stopped using the aiptasia ridden rush you store)
I have no idea what that means
If you can't spell it, you probably won't be able to keep it alive...

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o sorry. i just meant the store where i originally baught everything. their tanks are full of aiptasia and they told me i could have my clowns in my tank 24 hrs after setting up. I have found another store. luckily much nicer. they are strickly a saltwater store and specialize in coral. She tested my water and would not sell me a pepermint shrimp to fix the aiptasia problem. any suggestions.
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I was going to suggest a peppermint shrimp as well. I would wait until your tank is done cycling and is ready for livestock though.
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